NYFW: Dannijo Fall 2013 & Duro Olowu x JCP

StyleHaul hooked me up and I was able to see the Dannijo Fall 2013 presentation as well as get the scoop backstage on the beauty look by NARS, Butter London and LUXHAIR.  I also interviewed Duro Olowu about his collaboration with JC Penny that is launching in March.

Also check out a fun video featuring CarlyCristman, Cydangie and I (including my OMG moment when I saw Coco Rocha) following us on our mission to cover NYFW after the jump:  Continue reading

Rebecca Minkoff Sale & JewelMint WonderMint Mystery Bag

Rebecca Minkoff

M.A.C Clutch

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.  Work keeps me very busy at this time of the year, but thanks to the internet, it does not get in the way of a good sale.  Speaking of which, Rebecca Minkoff is having an end of the year sale through Thursday, December 29th.  I checked out the sale section and I spotted several of her M.A.C. clutches (my favorite).  I also wanted to let those of you who were bummed about missing the previous JewelMint “mystery bag” promotion know that it is back again.  This time it is the New Year’s WonderMint Mystery Bag.  The bag costs $29.99 (the price of one piece) and here is how they are luring us in this time:

Your bag will include:

  • At least 2 JewelMint Pieces
You may(extra emphasis on the may) also win:

  • Amazon Kindle Fire
  • iPod Nano
  • ShoeMint, StyleMint & BeautyMint Discount Codes
  • Gift cards from Apple, Amazon, Restaurant.com, Rent-the-Runway or Care.com
  • Grand Prize: $2000 shopping spree at Apple
I will warn you that you might get a really crappy selection for your taste, however I did get lucky with my OrnaMint bags.  The promotions ends tonight.

JewelMint OrnaMint Bag

JewelMint is revisiting their BewitchMint Mystery Bag they did for Halloween with the OrnaMint Mystery Bag in time for the holidays.  The bag comes with 2 JewelMint pieces and bonus gifts.  I picked up the Bewitchmint Mystery Bag and the items I got might have been great for someone else but they were not my style at all.  It was a genius way to make room for new inventory and they didn’t call it a mystery for no reason, you never know what you are going to get which makes it very exciting.  Some people got pieces that I would have purchased on my own so the possibility of getting something I want to wear is still appealing enough to make me give it another try.  I ended up giving my sister the Steampunk Earrings I didn’t like and she loved them.  So if all else fails whatever I get may make a great gift.  I also got a $5 off coupon code that I am not complaining about.

In case you didn’t get the email, here is how they are enticing us this round with what may be in your bag:

  • Aqua Bomb Ring
  • Cleopatra Reborn Earrings
  • Lady Noir Rings
  • Sold-out items

And if the JewelMint gods are really smiling down upon you, your additional bonus gifts may include:

  • Amazon Kindle Fire
  • StyleMint Leggings
  • Limited Edition JewelMint AdornMint Box
  • StyleMint, BeautyMint & ShoeMint Coupons

The promo ends tomorrow, November 30th, at 11:59pm PST and there are only 10,000 bags available at $29.99 each.  In case you are as crazy as I am, yes you can buy more than one.  Did I mention that my Black Friday haul just shipped today?  Cray cray!

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My JewelMint Collection

I am obsessed with JewelMint and have already picked up a few pieces over the few months I have been a member.  The quality is impressive and it has inspired me to go for pieces I wouldn’t normally pick up in a store through their pictures, videos and styling tips.  Check out my video to see the goodies.

ShoeMint Announces Launch Date

You already know that I am excited for ShoeMint.  I can foresee this being a major problem for my bank account since Rachel Bilson and Steve Madden are involved.  JewelMint has not disappointed me yet so I am looking forward to the designs ShoeMint will come up with.

According to Who What Wear, ShoeMint will arrive on November 25th, 2011.  The site is currently having a promotion where you are entered to win a year supply of ShoeMint if you sign up ahead of the launch. Invite your friends and you can earn a credit on your account (details are provided once you sign up).

Image Source

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Musing of the Day: Emile Tote by Alexander Wang

I was on the train on my way to work last week and I noticed two women carrying the same bag.  One was sitting next to me and the other was standing right across from me.  The bag in question is the glorious Emile Tote by Alexander Wang.  It is obvious that the fashion gods had spoken and used them to deliver the message that this handbag is destined to be mine.  I mean look at it.  It is rock ‘n roll chic and totally my style; clean lines, silver hardware, no desperate gaudy logos plastered all over and large enough to carry most of my life.  And how often does it happen that two people in my immediate vicinity have the same handbag? Always Never.  Hence, I need it.  This beauty also comes in all black leather in case the grey and black combo (pictured above) is too out there.  If only I had time to work a second job to cover my penchant for designer accessories.  Maybe the fashion gods can figure that one out for me.

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Musing of the Day: Partying in Opposites

Topshop Knitted Rib Chunky Jumper

Topshop Metallic Skinny Cigarette Trousers

Make sure the party are your pants this season with a pair that makes a statement.  The jazzed up pants would definitely mix things up from the usual plain skinnies.  Instead of pairing them with a dressy top shock with a casual knit.  I like the idea of the over the top pants paired with a sweater because it is stylish without trying so hard.  The contrast makes more of an impact than the pants on their own.  The sparkly Topshop pants (pictured above) would be perfect for this look.  They have been stuck in my head for some time and are calling my name.  A visit to the store in Soho is in order.

Are you into the statement pant trend?  How would you style it?  Share in a comment below.

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